Looking at positive long term solutions for our business, our people, our customers and New Zealand

To us the word sustainability is about ensuring our actions today have a positive impact on the future of our business, our people and our Country. This means stepping back before making decisions; how does this impact our business, how does this impact the environment, how can we do things better?

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Sustainable Solutions

Our solutions to help you reach your sustainable goals.

We have a range of solutions to help you reach your sustainable goals. Whether you are starting small and want to introduce a food waste bin to your complex or maybe dreaming bigger and want to do a full audit of your bins – we can help you!

ISO 14001

Telarc ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Rubbish Direct has been proudly ISO 14001 accredited since 2011. We are dedicated to ensuring our company follows an effective environmental management system. This means you can be assured Rubbish Direct’s is ensuring our environmental impact is being measured and improved.

Sustainability Audit

Every wondered what’s being thrown away?

How much could you have diverted from your rubbish bins? How much contamination is in your recycling bins? Where do you start?? Don’t worry, we’ve got some answers and solutions for you. Rubbish Direct can provide a comprehensive audit of your rubbish and recycling bins.

Quoting Process

Our Sustainability team will provide you with a detailed quote which breaks down our auditing process. It includes transportation, bin cleaning, sorting, photography, and a tailored report.

Sorting & Documenting

We carefully hand sort the contents of your bins. Items are categorised, weighed and labelled. Comprehensive notes and photos are taken.

Detailed Report

A detailed report will be provided to you, which will outline every single thing we found in your waste streams! We are sure there will be a few surprises for you in this.

Sustainability in Action

Depot Tours

We invite our customers to come out to our Depot in West Auckland and see what we do. Our General Manager provides an insightful tour of our recycling operations, including a close up look at our sort line in action. Guests experience how we hand sort everything that comes back in our recycling trucks.

Sorting Facility

Everything that goes into your recycling bin is emptied by our recycling trucks and brought back to our Depot in West Auckland. The contents of the bins are hand sorted by our team of people. Our aim is to recover as much as possible. The sorted recycling is sent domestically within NZ to be further recycled.

Foodwaste & Composting

All food waste and compostables are currently sent to Ecogas. This is an anaerobic digestive system utilising organic matter to capture biogas to generate sustainable biogas. We are also exploring other alternatives to managing food waste, which can make up to 40% of a rubbish bin! We have been exploring black soldier flies, home composting, chickens, worm farming and recently banana swales. The chicken home composting combo is our fav so far – because we get tasty eggs daily!

Aluminium Cans

This photo showcases our meticulous hand sorting process of aluminium cans. Aluminium is the diamond in the recycling. It is forever renewable as reprocessing does not damage its structure.


High Density Polyethylene, you’ll recognise this plastic as the common milk bottle. Our bales of HDPE are sent within New Zealand to be turned into garden trellis, tree shields and safety meshing.


All our cardboard is sent within New Zealand to be recycled into high quality packaging boxes. These are used throughout New Zealand and overseas in dairy, horticulture, cement, flour and sugar industries.


Polyethylene Terephthalate, you’ll recognise this plastic as a clear plastic bottle. We are proud that all our PET goes to Flights Plastic. They process all our PET at their recycling plant in Wellington. The end product is a high grade new PET packaging: berry and fruit punnets.

Recycling Fleet at Rest

This photo depicts the peaceful moment in our yard, as we await the arrival of our hardworking garbage and recycling trucks. This time of stillness before the daily flurry of activity highlights the continuous cycle of collection and recycling that we manage every day.

Ready-to-Hire Skip Bins

Pictured here are our sturdy skip bins available for hire, lined up and ready to be filled. They stand as a convenient solution for waste management, poised to help our clients with efficient disposal and recycling of their rubbish.

Aluminium Cans Cube

This image shows a large cube made entirely of compressed aluminium cans, reflecting in the sunlight. It represents the transformation of everyday items through recycling.

Plastic Bottle Bales

Our ISO-accredited facility is committed to environmental sustainability and waste reduction. In this image, you can see towering bales of plastic bottles that have been meticulously hand-sorted under the vast blue sky. These bales are densely packed and secured by metal straps, and they are now ready for the next step in the recycling chain.