A variety of premium wheelie bins and prepaid rubbish bags for all your waste disposal requirements.

A family with lots of kids, empty nesters, DINK, or you have a property in Auckland and a bach elsewhere, we have a solution for you. We provide a range of high-quality plastic wheelie bins and rubbish bags to suit your needs.

Our Services

We operate 365 days a year – yep, even on public holidays (rubbish never takes a break)

As you can imagine, running an operation for over 25 years that never stops requires great planning and a dedicated team of people. We are flexible on how often you need collections; twice a day, every day, once a week, or fortnightly – let us know what suits you!

Tricky rubbish area to get to? Don’t worry, we collect from basements, cupboards (yes cupboards…), garages, 4th level carparks, we will collect your bins.

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240litre wheelie bin - Self-cleaning

Our patented round-bottomed design is more than just a bin. It is the gold standard in cleanliness and convenience. This bin is ready to handle anything you throw its way. It features a sleek design that fits seamlessly into any environment. The ergonomic handles ensure a firm grip and easy manoeuvrability, while the whisper-quiet plastic wheels allow for effortless transportation across any surface. The crown jewel of its design is the beautifully sculpted spherical base, which ensures a residue-free emptying and activates the self-cleaning mechanism to keep the bin pristine for longer periods. It is designed in a chic black colour and equipped with UV protection, making it durable and shiny in any location.

Features: self-cleaning mechanism

Option for chain and padlock
Bin cleaning options available

Capacity & Dimensions:
4 x 60 litre black rubbish bags.
580mm x 740mm.

Perfect for:
Areas with limited space.
Customers who need 1 – 2 bins on site.
Residential, commercial, and hospitality-based businesses.
Outdoor rubbish areas, where pests and weather can be problematic.

660 & 1100litre mobile bins

For those who need something a bit bigger, look no further, our range of mobile bins is perfect for all situations. High quality, durable sturdy construction. Easy opening and soft closing lids. Secure braking system – you won’t be losing these bins in the winds. Ergonomic handles for better grip and movement. Plastic wheels for quiet and easy transportation across any terrain. These bins are a true workhorse, you won’t be disappointed. Finished in Nature Green with UV protection, they look great in any carpark, backyard, or basement.


Option for chain and padlock

Bin cleaning options available

Capacity & Dimensions:

11-18 x 60litre black rubbish bags.

1250mm x 770mm (660litre).

1250mm x 1060 (1100litre).

Perfect for:

Restaurants / cafes operating from 9am till late.

Apartment complexes with 50+ more units.

Offices with 250+ people.

Business who generate 83-100kgs of rubbish per day.

Outdoor rubbish areas, where pests and weather can be problematic.

60litre Rubbish Bags

These bags are strong, tough, and durable – just how bags use to be made. Fill them up, tie them closed, then pop out for us to collect. They come in a minimum bundle of 50, so you will be well stocked.

Capacity & Dimensions:
60 litres.
7 Kgs per bag.

Bin Cleaning

Nothing comes close to the smell of freshly baked bread other than the smell of freshly cleaned bins. We exchange your bins for a clean, deodorised one from our Depot – no cleaning done on your site. Book us in and while you’re at it, set it up on an automatic frequency so you never have to worry about it ever again.