We have been providing recycling collections for over 25 years.

Our Depot in West Auckland operates 7 days a week – yep, even on public holidays (recycling never takes a break). We have a team of local people who hand sort recycling. Our first port of call is always to send our sorted product within our domestic market, to ensure it is being recycled here in New Zealand. To find out more about where our products go, click here.

Our Services

We operate 365 days a year – yep, even on public holidays (recycling never takes a break)

As you can imagine, running an operation for over 25 years that never stops requires great planning and a dedicated team of people. We are flexible on how often you need collections; twice a day, every day, once a week, or fortnightly – let us know what suits you!

Tricky collection area to get to? Don’t worry, we collect from basements, cupboards (yes cupboards…), garages, 4th level carparks, we will collect your bins.

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Commingled Recycling

One size fits all

Suitable for or used in all circumstances. That pretty much sums up our mighty recycling bins. They come in either 240litre for residential or commercial businesses or 660litre sized bins for our bigger customers who just need that extra space to maximise their recycling power. Fill this bin with glass, PET, HDPE, paper, cardboard, tin, aluminium and we will take it back to our Depot to hand sort and send it through to our collectors in New Zealand.

Cooking Oil

The innovative 90litre spill proof wheelie bins are perfect for used cooking oil

They have a spill proof locking lid; in case the bin is ever accidently knocked over. Large open mouth, to easily pour cold oil into and reduce any spillage or mess. It even has rubber wheels, so you can wheel this bin directly into your kitchen area. The bin will be exchanged for a clean, deodorised one when full. Too easy!

Note: This service is currently only available to Rubbish Direct’s rubbish & recycling customers.


A range of options for cardboard disposal

We have a range of options for all your cardboard needs. 600litre sack for those with limited space, 660litre mobile bin for those who want to mix their comingled recycling with cardboard, right up to our 1100litre cardboard only bins. All cardboard we process is recycled here in New Zealand.


– Space saver​
– Full sacks are exchanged for empty ones
– Encourages breaking down of cardboard boxes

Ideal for:

– Restaurants / cafes / retail / offices / apartments
– Areas where space to store bins is limited


Made from high-quality recyclable plastic to ensure durability

– Can be lockable.
– Easy to manoeuvre.

Ideal For:

– Restaurants are operating from 9am till late.
– Apartments complexes with 250+ units, offices with 1000+ people.
– 83-150kgs of rubbish generated in a day.
– Safe loading height for rubbish bags/bins = 1135mm.
– Areas where space is not a premium.


Set up a dedicated battery recycling service with us

Batteries cannot be tossed out in your rubbish or recycling bins, the hazardous substances they contain could cause a fire in the truck or our recycling process plant. If batteries end up in landfill, these substances may leak out into surrounding soil and ground water. Most batteries that are recycled have to be shipped overseas to be processed.

Note: This service is currently only available to Rubbish Direct’s rubbish & recycling customers.