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Effective waste management is vital for enterprises, big or small. From local storefronts to expansive corporations, our advanced and eco-friendly waste solutions allow you to concentrate on your core business and its profitability.

We do what it takes to meet your requirements 365 days a year.

How's this unlike household waste?

Apartments, offices, and hospitality businesses generate a large volume of waste daily. Whether it’s a restaurant or a bank, it is very crucial to get rid of the garbage on a daily basis to provide a hygienic environment for your customers, employees and last not but not least, yourself!

Nothing is more frustrating than a massive pile of waste not disposed of on time. It is necessary to use a foolproof system to make sure that one bulk of waste is safely disposed of before the other one arrives.

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No interruption to your services through Public Holidays

We operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so in the cases when a daily service is required, there will be no interruption to your services through Public Holidays, etc.

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Our Valued Customers

Discover the feedback from our valued clients about our waste collection services in Auckland.

Office & Buildings

“Rubbish Direct has provided an innovative approach to waste and recycling. Great at service and they freely bring new ideas and solutions to us as our needs have changed.”

“Rubbish Direct is setting the benchmark for their industry, they are a proficient and professional company to deal with, having a high emphasis on sustainability and customer requirements!”

“The Auckland War Memorial Museum prides itself on having easy-to-use, effective, honest recycling systems throughout the building for the public and staff to use. When we decided to expand our recycling regime and include the ability to recycle any and all types of batteries, it was a breath of fresh air to hear that Rubbish Direct also provided a complete battery recycling service matching our needs – as many others couldn’t. We had no hesitation in trying the service, and we now continue to use it several years later. Another point to note is that Rubbish Direct also rent out very well-designed battery recycling stations, we have several of these, and there have been nothing but positive comments from our staff, and they really do encourage recycling. All in all, we are exceptionally happy with Rubbish Directs battery recycling service (and other services) and would recommend them to others without hesitation.”

“Rubbish Direct has assisted Beca to implement a complete waste and recycling programme for our offices in Auckland. As well as disposing of the usual waste streams of paper, glass, plastics and metallic items, Rubbish Direct has developed a specific service to help us recycle earth core samples from industrial sites, which are tested at Beca’s laboratory.

These have been difficult to dispose of in the past, so we have greatly appreciated the help we have received from Rubbish Direct.”

“Rubbish Direct has reduced my OPEX costs, increased the visual appearance of my recycling/loading bay area in a cleaner, more organised way & also increased the available size.
Also, due to being daily removals, this has removed the issues of special event loadings (overflowing) on this area being a visual problem.
In short, a very professional company with good services which improves the performance of the building.”

“Crockers Body Corporate Management is New Zealand’s largest body corporate service provider, and we manage a large number of apartment complexes in the Auckland city area. We have partnered with Rubbish Direct since late 2004. Rubbish Direct brought to the marketplace the ability to be flexible, listen to their clients, provide solutions to issues around collection – space, size, access and offer a cost competitive, clean and friendly service. They are our ‘go to’ company regarding all things rubbish and recycling! Initially, they serviced just the inner Auckland city areas, but now they are able to service our clients who are located further afield. We have no hesitation in recommending them to our developer clients, even when plans may still be on the drawing board as they can help with information that may be needed around waste and rubbish management as part of any consent process. Our working relationship with Rubbish Direct is enjoyable, and that experience is shared by our clients and Building Managers, who also appreciate the service they provide.”

“Strata Title Administration Ltd Rubbish Direct has been collecting rubbish and recycling for dozens of Strata’s body corporate clients for approximately 10 years. The majority of Strata’s clients which are serviced by Rubbish Direct are inner city apartment buildings comprising between 25 and 500 apartments, some of which also include retail units. The benefits that Rubbish Direct bring to the arrangement are:

• Less work for the building managers as the Rubbish Direct drivers collect the rubbish and recycling bins from the rubbish rooms thereby saving the building managers the time that they would otherwise have had to spend moving the bins to the road side.

• Providing a service for sanitising the bins.

• Collection seven days a week, 365 days a year.

• Competitively priced – they provide a superior service for a lower price and best of all you can obtain a rates rebate from Auckland Council by not using the Council rubbish and recycling collection service.

There is simply no better alternative than Rubbish Direct when it comes to rubbish and recycling solutions and we highly recommend their service.”

“Rubbish Direct were so quick to respond to our request for document destruction bins that we had them in place just 4 days after making our enquiry! Fast, friendly and efficient service – Thanks guys.”

“Rubbish Direct is a reliable and efficient service provider. At the facilities we manage, they have effectively tailored consistent service delivery for our waste and recycling disposal requirements.”


“Hi there, I would like to praise your driver that uplifted bed base this morning he came on site and did the job, and also went out of his way to help fellow tenants in out of rubbish room in a professional manner. Please send our regards to the driver, and job well done going out of his way. Keep up the great work, rubbish direct is surely and awesome company to do business with, with great friendly staff.”

“We have been with Rubbish Direct for 3 years and the service has been impeccable. Also, their weekend pick ups have proved to be extremely convenient. This was a major problem with the previous contractor and caused me no end of troubles and mess. A fantastic concept and affordable! I would recommend Rubbish Direct to any apartment manager, restaurateur or commercial business.”

“We teamed up with Rubbish Direct in June 2006 and it was ‘The best thing since sliced bread’ with regard to our rubbish! We no longer have to put 40 bins out on the street twice weekly and then hope they would be emptied. Now my bins are emptied 365 days a year, there are only 10 of them, and they come and get them from the rubbish room and put them back! Furthermore the rubbish room stays a lot cleaner and there is a lot more room. As a bonus, the staff of Rubbish Direct are friendly and helpful and the cost is economical. A blessing to all Building Managers!”

“Rubbish Direct services have resulted in both direct and indirect cost savings to our clients with a with a high level of service and professionalism that we would recommend to any multi unit development.”

“In planning the setup of a new 124 apartment, CBD building, we were recommended to use Rubbish Direct for waste removal. From the first meeting we found Rubbish Direct to be most helpful, friendly and proactive. Their service since opening has been exemplary.”

“Since Rubbish Direct has come onto our site I have had many comments from owners regarding the service they provide. All have been very positive regarding the cleanliness of the service and the helpful drivers that you employ.”

“The Rolls Royce of Rubbish and Recyclables Recoverers”

“Rubbish Direct did exactly what they said they would do, not only take away our rubbish, but more importantly all the rubbish problems.”


“Miles better for collections as bins do not have to be left on the street.”

“Absolutely rapt with service.”

“Exceeding expectations by miles, 100% better than previous contractor.”

“We no longer have issues with messy rubbish bins in front of our building or rubbish build up in our designated rubbish area.”

“Citta Apartments Rubbish Direct never let us down. It does not matter which day, they always get the job done. Their service is second to none!”

“We are very happy with your service, very professional, we don’t have to worry about rubbish problems, we leave it to you. And it’s good that you have recycling facilities.”

“We had major issues with our previous rubbish contractor and Rubbish Direct saved the day and made our lives a lot easier with their reliable 7 day service.”

“We keep skiting to our friends that we just have to put our rubbish into the bins and not do anything more. We’ve had no problems at all since Rubbish Direct took over 14 months ago.”

“Because of your services I will no longer have to think about retiring before I want to. I no longer have to drag rubbish bins out onto the street or worry about not getting collections on public holidays.”

“No problems, everything left neat and tidy. Never any issues.”

“Switched from the previous supplier to Rubbish Direct and happy ever since.”

“Since Rubbish Direct has taken over, our rubbish area is a lot cleaner and more hygienic.
A great improvement in the frontage of our property as we no longer have to leave all our bins on the footpath to be collected.”

“Service is as promised, always on time, friendly and professional staff, never thinking of using another contractor.”

Adrian Cotoros
Hotel Manager

“Just a short note to say thanks to your collectors that call at The Mirage Apartments. These past two weeks, we have had many contractors on site, vehicles and personnel everywhere sometimes making it a bit awkward for the quick service your company offers. I would like to single out Kris on his excellent attitude which I have experienced often when he calls. Keep up the good work.”

“We are new customers of Rubbish Direct. Everyone in the building is very impressed with the service provided. We have reduced the number of bins in the rubbish room from 28 to 9. A huge saving on bin washing alone. Polite staff and clean vehicles.”


“Since switching to Rubbish Direct from our previous waste collection company, we have had nothing short of excellent service, more regular collection and our waste collection area has never been cleaner. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a waste collection company.”

Graham Hill
Hotel Manager

“Forever reliable and always putting the customers’ concerns first.”

“Ever since I got out of my last waste contract I have been nothing but happy with our decision to go with Rubbish Direct. You guys have been punctual, reliable and very professional, the three things I look for in a business partner.”

“Very reliable and continously looking at ways to improve our businesses rubbish efficiency.”

“After years of unsatisfactory collections we stumbled on Rubbish Direct and we have been more than happy ever since.”

Ian Henderson

“Professional, reliable and concerned. Love the annual review. Recommend the service to other people in the industry.”

Ken Henderson

“The phrase ‘not a problem’ is synonymous with this company. Rubbish Direct have proven to us, they are here to work with us.”

Bradley Burnett
General Manager

“Great service from Rubbish Direct and very nice people to deal with. A couple of times we have missed putting out our rubbish, gave them a call and it was absolutely no problem to come. They are always a pleasure to deal with not that we have to talk often because they just get on with the job. Thanks.”

Nils Foged