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How is this different from domestic waste?

Apartments, offices and hospitality businesses generate a large volume of waste every day. Whether it’s a restaurant or a bank, it is very crucial to get rid of the garbage on a daily basis to provide a hygienic environment for your customers, employees and last not but not least, yourself!

Nothing is more frustrating than a huge pile of waste which is not disposed on time. It is necessary to use a foolproof system to make sure that one bulk of waste is safely disposed before the other one arrives.

Well then, what makes us the best?

  • We got it all - whether its recycling, rubbish, cardboard, cooking oil or food waste collections
  • Once it’s in the refuse area, consider it gone, as our drivers will handle it from there
  • We have full-time drivers, so we are always there when you need us
  • Customised collections, so less bins are required on site
  • We operate 365 days of the year – even on public holidays
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