Case Studies - Les Mills

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We align ourselves with suppliers like Rubbish Direct because they have the same values as us. They are super reliable, they are the best company with waste and recycling I have worked with in the industry, and they are totally transparent and provide a flexible service that is tailored to our needs.

Les Mills is New Zealand’s leading gym chain, and we are passionate about making fitness a part of peoples lives. Our principles are serious about the environment as well as how individuals can have an impact.

How did we help Les Mills sort their rubbish?

1. Flexibility and tailor solutions to each Les Mills site

Les Mills is New Zealand’s leading gym chain in multiple locations that have different requirements fit to their site. We offered a solution tailored to each Les Mills site.

2. Eco-friendly focus

Being aligned with the values of les mills, we offered out ISO 14001 accredited waste disposal process to meet their eco-friendly focus.

I would absolutely recommend them to anybody wanting to find a provider that was focused on the relationship, service, and the commitment to the environment.

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