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Rubbish Direct is up early in the morning to work around those peak commuting hours.

Fullers and 360 Discovery Group has 5.3 million customers travelling across the stunning Hauraki Gulf with them in the their ferries. Most ferries have cafes and with so many passengers onboard each day, the rubbish bins are always full.

Fullers is dedicated to use the top-notch recycling systems to make sure that all the rubbish is disposed in to the bins and not in to the precious Hauraki Gulf marine park.

How did we help Fullers sort their rubbish?

1. Adequate Bin Supply

Fullers has 21 vessels in its fleet. We have provided them with 2-6 bins for each vessel depending on the size. The Fullers crew empties the full bins into their rubbish area.

2. Punctual Waste Collection

Rubbish Direct collects waste twice a day from Fullers rubbish area. Our team is up early in the morning, to collect the waste before the commuters begin to board the vessels.

3. Hand Sorting of Waste

Although Fullers rely on their customers to put waste in the correct bin, commuters often put the wrong type of waste in a bin. Therefore, we hand-sort the waste at our facility in West Auckland.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Fullers as a company, is aware and concerned about environmental sustainability. We help them by guiding them about any new service that can help protect our marine environment.

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