Case Studies - Cordis Hotel Auckland

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We visited Rubbish Direct’s facility in West Auckland where they handsort recycling, and we can confirm that they operate with transparency and integrity.

Cordis Auckland is a hotel based in Auckland CBD and has 411 intelligently designed state-of-the-art rooms. It also has a restaurant, 13 conference facilities, a swimming pool, a health club and the award-winning Chuan Spa.

Basically, if a V.I.P. is visiting Auckland, they’re most likely to stay at the Cordis Hotel.

How did we help Active Building Management sort their rubbish?

1. Mixed Recycling

We made recycling more convenient for the Cordis Hotel by providing them mixed-recycling bins. This enabled them to increase their recycling percentage.

2. On-site Training

We are going the extra mile and providing on-site training to their colleagues, thus improving their overall recycling operations.

3. Innovation & Responsibility

We understand Cordis Auckland’s commitment to minimize their environmental footprint and we constantly innovate to improve their recycling operations.

4. Synergy

We and the Cordis Hotel work as a team and have each other’s back when it comes to garbage disposal. We provided them with contacts to source compostable and eco-friendly products. On the other hand, they have helped us learn about the new Orca food-waste disposal machine as they were the first ones to introduce the Orca machine to New Zealand.

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