Waste Management Planning

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“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Like other aspects of life, waste management needs proper planning too. A waste management plan is a written guide which includes managing, reducing and disposing waste. Be it a construction project or a busy restaurant, a waste management plan will make garbage disposal much more convenient.

Poor waste management planning can cause a lot of problems like air and water pollution, breathing problems because of the harmful gases produced from poorly disposed waste, and lots of other health problems. Not to mention the stress you will have to face if you are the one who’s responsible for disposing heaps of waste but you’re confused how to do it.

Here is how our 15+ years of expertise in waste management can be beneficial to you...

We can provide a report + consultancy services for Resource Consent for all new developments (apartments, commercial, retail, hospitality)

What you can expect from us:

  • We will estimate volume of rubbish and recycling generated at maximum occupancy
  • Provide design guidance and inputs
  • Provide design guidance for recycling requirements
  • Specify type and size of rubbish bins
  • Include Health & Safety policies and certificates
  • Liaise with local rubbish collection to approve waste requirements
  • Create waste management plan
  • Production of information to agreed timelines

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