Skip Hire

Spacious 9 Cubic Metre Skip Bin Available For Hire Now

A Skip Bin is a large container designed to collect garbage. Unlike other bins which can be emptied into a garbage truck, Skip Bins are loaded on to a special truck for replacement once they are filled. Skips Bins are ideal for disposing a large volume of waste. They’re mostly used to hold construction and demolition waste, garden waste, and even domestic rubbish sometimes.

We Want to Make Sure That You Have a Good Experience Hiring Skip Bins From Us.

That’s why, we would expect you to kindly follow some rules.

Following type of waste should not be disposed into the Skip Bin:

  • Car/Vehicle Tyres
  • Concrete
  • Soil

Hazardous waste like the following should not be disposed into the Skip Bin:

  • Flammable
  • Toxic
  • Explosive
  • Eco-toxic
  • Infectious
  • Radioactive

Feel free to call us if you’re unsure about the type of waste.

Apart from this, we also expect that the Skip Bins must not be filled over the top

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